Red Light Therapy is a therapeutic technique that uses red and near-infrared wavelengths of light to naturally stimulate the body at a cellular level to produce more ATP energy. This increased production is a significant component of cellular regeneration which is responsible for improving and boosting new cell growth. There are many health benefits such as weight loss and improved cellulite reduction, as well as enhanced whole body healing capabilities, and anti-aging effects.

Weight Loss Benefits
Red light naturally slims, shapes, and tones the body.  Red Light Therapy helps with weight management including cellulite reduction by reducing and shrinking fat cells easily and naturally. No cells or tissues are damaged or destroyed during treatment. The 

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Skin Benefits
Red light technology is made up of powerful and concentrated red and near-infrared wavelengths that penetrate and stimulate the skin at the cellular level. It’s extremely effective for boosting collagen production which results in the following all natural outcomes with no pain, side effects or downtime.

- Reduced inflammation
- Reduced fine lines and wrinkles
- Reduced redness and pigmentation

- Reduced acne breakouts

Healing Benefits
Red Light Therapy has benefits for whole body healing and pain management. The red light repairs skin and boost cellular growth. It can speed up recovery time and help rejuvenate the new skin.