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guests' and team members' health and safety will remain our top priority.  This will reflect in our "Phase Two" Covid-19 precaution guidelines. If you feel ill the day of your appointment please track your symptoms and use your best judgement.  If you have a fever of over 100 you may be asked to reschedule your appointment.

  •  Guests and team members will be required to wear masks in the general area of the spa. Guests will have the choice to remove their masks in their service room, and if comfortable may inform their technician they may as well.

  • Guest coordinators at the front desk will remain behind their plexi partition unmasked. They will be masked in the general area of the spa

  •  Locker rooms, showers and sanctuaries are unavailable at this time. (to ensure guest flow and social distancing).

We are grateful you continue to choose us for your self care and stress management.

We honor that responsibility and our safety protocols reflect this in every service.

A Health History Form is required to be filled out prior to your service. We prefer that you fill the form out at your convenience, print it and bring with you. Otherwise, arrive 15 minutes prior to your service to fill out the form.

Go to 'Forms' to locate the Health History Form, fill it out, print and bring with you.

Please call our coordinators at 920-339-5250 to book. We look forward to hearing from you. 



(Temporary Only)



You CAN prevent yourself from getting viruses (like the common cold or the flu)!

A strong immune system (your body’s defense system against things like the flu (viruses), the common cold, infections and more) does this for you. Because there are so many strains of viruses and they constantly adapt to the changing environment (the Corona Virus, Covid 19), there is no consistently effective prevention or treatment strategy (vaccination or medication) for the flu or a common cold. In fact, because viruses are constantly changing and becoming resistant to medications, it’s best to focus on strengthening your immune system rather than focusing on how to disarm the seemingly infinite number of viruses out there.

When your body is fighting an infection like a cold or flu the immune system causes an increase in temperature, anywhere from 100.9F or higher, which is considered a fever. This elevated temperature creates unsuitable living conditions for the flu and colds.

Far Infrared saunas work similarly to a fever in the body. The far infrared light waves penetrate the skin and works heat deep into the tissues, raising core body temperatures to about 102 degrees (F). The body responds to this “fake fever” by stepping up its immune response and mobilizing the Th1 branch of the immune system (this part of the immune system is antiviral and antibacterial). When this happens, viruses we have are killed.

There is a long term benefit of this “fake fever”! Increasing the body temperature to within the range of a fever has been shown to improve the adaptive immune response. This helps the body “remember” the microbes you have been exposed to and to be better prepared to prevent the virus from infecting your body the next time around.

SAUNAS (Far Infrared Sauna, Fit Pod, Alpha) LOWER YOUR STRESS LEVELS
It seems that when we have the most going on in our life we come down with a virus (cold or flu) and we are forced to take a few days off at a time we just can’t afford to.

Extreme or chronic stress decreases our abilities to fight off germs. Stress increases the levels of cortisols in our body and it is these cortisols that decrease our ability to fight the flu and colds. Thus stress makes us more susceptible to viruses.

A 2015 Finnish study found that F.I.R. sauna sessions reduced cortisol levels. A review study also found the F.I.R. to lower cortisol levels which in turn means a stronger immune system to fight off and prevent viruses.

Two to three sessions of 30-45 minutes in a sauna at the proper temperature boosts your immune system allowing you to fight off viruses you have and prevent future ones from entering your body.



What better way to relax & have fun with friends & family than by planning a spa party at the Day Spa? Spa parties are a unique way of celebrating any special occasion or relax and have fun with friends and family.

• Corporate Events
• Bachelorette Parties & Bridal Showers
• Birthdays
• Date Night
• Private Parties
• A well deserved ME time

No group is too small.

We can help you plan an intimate party for that special someone. Our Events Specialist will help you organize an event to remember. The Day Spa has the amenity of a Private Cottage for your events and have a variety of Restaurant Partners for sumptuous Food and Spirit menu to help you further enjoy your day at the Spa.

EMAIL US or CALL US to book your events