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Signature Treatments

A series of spa treatments that have been specially designed to complement you to another journey.
Foot Soak
Foot bath and exfoliation followed by a relaxing foot massage. Pairs well with any massage or bodywork service!  Green tea or other seasonal scent.
30 minutes / $50

Scalp Treatment
Hair bath and conditioning treatment with decadent scalp massage. Hand massage included.
45 minutes / $80

Headache Treatment
Focused work on your neck and scalp helps soothe body and mind in this treatment.
30 minutes / $75
Sinus Treatment
Essential oil blends and gentle acupressure alleviate sinus pain and help the body restore function.
30 minutes / $75
Focused acupressure on your feet that brings balance and relaxation to the entire body.
30 or 60 minutes / $80, $100
**Prices are subject to change without prior notice