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Staff Favorites

Our staff loves these services and You might too!!


Anti-Stress Treatment

Full-body exfoliation and re-hydration for total relaxation from head to toe as you float away and ends with a scalp and foot massage. Seasonal scents are always featured.

60 minutes / $115


Bamboo Fusion

Give your massage a new twist. This technique uses warm bamboo sticks for deep tissue massage work.

75 minutes / $125


Signature Scalp Treatment

Hair and scalp conditioning treatment with decadent scalp massage. Hand massage included.

45 minutes / $80


Cocoon Treatment

Full-body exfoliation followed by a body-masque wrap, 7 head vichy shower rinse and water massage. Re-hydrating for younger and happy skin. Bliss!

75 minutes / $130


Salt Glow

Our favorite exfoliation treatment that features stone crop scrub with organic body butter hydration. Includes the Vichy shower.

60 minutes / $130


Raindrop Treatment

Using a combination of the art of aromatherapy and techniques of Vita Flex to various issues of the body. Vita Flex is a Tibetan Technique (Vitality through the reflexes). The energy produced during the technique transfers to the nerve pathways. Once the energy finds a gap in the circuit it repairs the break in the pathway that is creating imbalance in the body.

Regular / $125

Advanced / $145


Hand/Foot Massage

A relaxing massage to add on to a service while you are here at the spa or to be enjoyed by itself. Lay down, relax and let your tired hands and feet get pampered. Choice of seasonal body butter.

30 minutes / $70


Zero Gravity Massage

Lies the technology to transform your entire state of being. An intuitive and lifelike massage. In addition to basic movements – tapping, kneading, rolling – the DeltaWave 4D engine uses advanced massage algorithms to mimic the hands of a massage therapist. It precisely manages a wide range of massage speeds from fast to ultra slow movements. Rapid acceleration and deceleration of motor speeds add variation to movements and patterns; deepening the human quality experience.

20 minutes / $40

30 minutes / $50


**Prices are subject to change without prior notice