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Wellness and Body

Signature Scalp Treatment
Hair and scalp conditioning treatment with decadent scalp massage. Hand massage included.
45 minutes / $80
Anti-Stress Treatment
Full-body exfoliation and re-hydration for total relaxation from head to toe as you float away and ends with a scalp and foot massage. Seasonal scents are always featured.
60 minutes / $115

Cocoon Treatment
Full-body exfoliation followed by a body-masque wrap, 7 head vichy shower rinse and water massage. Re-hydrating for younger and happy skin. Bliss!
75 minutes / $130
Salt Glow
Our favorite exfoliation treatment that features stone crop scrub with organic body butter hydration. Includes the Vichy shower.
60 minutes / $130
Raindrop Treatment
Using a combination of the art of aromatherapy and techniques of Vita Flex to various issues of the body. Vita Flex is a Tibetan Technique (Vitality through the reflexes). The energy produced during the technique transfers to the nerve pathways. Once the energy finds a gap in the circuit it repairs the break in the pathway that is creating imbalance in the body.
Regular / $125
Advanced / $145

Dry Brush
Exfoliates and softens the skin, stimulates circulatory and lymphatic systems, and balances the body.
10 minutes / $20
Contour Body Wrap
Beauty for the skin starts on the inside. This wrap stimulates circulation and aids in detox. Lose 4 to 14 inches, diminish cellulite, tone and tighten skin. series recommended for maximum results.
90 minutes / $100
GX99 Cellulite Reducer
Dual vibratory massage action gives focused attention to your thighs and glutes.
60 minutes / $105
Alpha Pod
Dry heat sauna in a private suite. Extend the warmth and relaxation! Pair this with any of our spa treatments.
30 or 45 minutes / $30, $45
FAR Infrared Sauna
Heat therapy that induces perspiration is great for detoxing, relieving muscle aches and pains and overall wellness. Private suite.
Sauna: 30 minutes / $20 (2 people at same time $30)
Sauna: 45 minutes / $35
Zyto Scan
Take the guesswork out of what your body needs. The galvanic technology sends impulses from your hand to the software to provide primal solutions. What’s your personal nutritional needs?
Vibra Pro
Experience and advanced vibrational technology as your fitness routine. Our 12 minute vibrating exercise machine is safe for people of all ages. Easy on soft tissue, zero impact on joints. It gives the most effective workout possible.
15 minutes / $12
Fitness Pod
Cutting-edge health/Fitness technology. Full body vibrational massage with far infrared light therapy, and radiant dry heat. Experience Himalayan crystal aromatherapy with soft relaxation/meditation music. It is one of the worlds best weight management and wellness exercise fitness pod.
30 minutes / $55

Fitness Pod & Vibra Pro duo package available
**Prices are subject to change without prior notice