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Enjoy our amenities designed to elevate your spa experience!

Locker Rooms

Relax and unwind to start your spa day in the comfort of our spa locker room. Comfy robes, plush towels, and sandals, along with hair tools to finish up your look await you!  The women's and men's locker rooms have private spa steam showers featuring the Vichy shower heads. You may use the Steam Showers before and after your spa treatments. Steam showers are complimentary with any service of $70 or more, otherwise, it is a charge of $15.


Men’s & Women’s Sanctuary

Quiet time for a moment of serenity before your spa experience—a comfortable seating lounge with tranquil spa music. Indulge with refreshing cucumber water, herbal tea, and snacks. 


Private Relaxation Rooms

Extend your spa experience by reserving one of our private relaxation rooms. Each room offers privacy and extra accommodations for small food boards and beverages. Prices are allocated. 


Zen Outdoor Pergola Area (Weather Permitting)

Step into our zen outdoor pergola area. Relax and unwind outdoors before and after your spa treatments. 


Spa Equipment

Elevate your spa experience for an additional charge by indulging in our premium spa equipment. Detoxify with our Far-Infrared Sauna, relieve tension with our Zero Gravity Chair Massage, rebalance your body's energy with our Gemstone Mat, and maximize your fitness routine with our Cocoonn Fitpod. Can pre-book spa equipment or can be added the same day (if available).


Beverages & Food Board

Enjoy one of our Savory or Sweet Boards. Add a beverage from our a la carte spa cooler. Please note that the beverage and food board option is available for an additional charge. 


Spa Boutique/Gift Shop

Shop our spa boutique. Take a piece of your spa experience home with you, or find the perfect gift for a friend or loved one. From skincare to haircare, and makeup to meaningful gifts, our boutique reflects the indulgence and self-care that define your time with us. 

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