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Wellness and Body

Signature Scalp Treatment
Hair and scalp conditioning treatment with a decadent scalp massage. Hand massage included.
45 minutes / $80

Centered Treatment
Perfect for stress relief for upper body tension. Customized aromatherapy for headaches or relaxation. Focus on the scalp neck & shoulders. Includes hand & foot massage.
60 minutes / $125

Anti-Stress Treatment
Full-body exfoliation and re-hydration for total relaxation from head to toe as you float away and end with a scalp and foot massage. Seasonal scents are always featured.
60 minutes / $115

Cocoon Treatment
Full-body exfoliation followed by a body-masque wrap, 7-head Vichy shower rinse, and water massage. Re-hydrating for younger and happy skin. Bliss!
75 minutes / $165

Salt Glow
Our favorite exfoliation treatment features a stone-crop scrub with organic body butter hydration. Includes the Vichy shower.
60 minutes / $130

Raindrop Treatment
Using a combination of the art of aromatherapy and techniques of Vita Flex to various tissues of the body. Vita Flex is a Tibetan Technique (Vitality through the reflexes). The energy produced during the technique transfers to the nerve pathways. Once the energy finds a gap in the circuit, it repairs the break in the pathway, creating an imbalance in the body.
60 minutes for Regular / $125
60 minutes for Advanced (Must have had Regular Raindrop Treatment with us before) / $145

Foot Soak 
Foot bath and exfoliation followed by a relaxing foot massage. Pairs well with any massage or bodywork service!  Seasonal scents are offered.
30 minutes / $50

Muscle Tension Headache Treatment
Focused work on your neck, shoulders, and scalp using an essential oil blend to help soothe your body and mind in this treatment.
30 minutes / $75

Sinus Treatment
Essential oil blends and gentle acupressure alleviate sinus pain and help the body restore function.
30 minutes / $85

Focused acupressure on your feet brings balance and relaxation to the entire body.
30 or 60 minutes / $80, $100 
Contour Body Wrap
Beauty for the skin starts on the inside. This wrap stimulates circulation and aids in detox. Lose 4 to 14 inches, diminish cellulite, tone, and tighten skin. series recommended for maximum results.
90 minutes / $100

Hand Paraffin Treatment
Experience the nourishing and healing benefits of a hand paraffin treatment. Increase skin elasticity and help relieve sore muscles. 
30 minutes / $35

Upgrades for Contour Body Wrap:
Dry Brush
Exfoliates and softens the skin stimulates circulatory and lymphatic systems and balances the body. 10 minutes / $20
M'lis Body Polish
An exfoliator that boosts circulation and stimulates your skin's metabolism. Leaves a tightened and smooth finish. 15 minutes / $45

*Prices are subject to change without prior notice

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