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Shampoo and Blow Out
Our Shampoo and Blowout Experience is a luxurious hair transformation treatment offered at our spa. It begins with a relaxing shampoo that includes a soothing scalp massage using nourishing products. Afterward, our expert stylists use professional products to carefully blow-dry and volumize your hair to your desired outcome. The Shampoo and Blowout not only leave your hair beautiful but also enhance your overall confidence and well-being. No hot-tool styling is included.
30 minutes / $45

Express Style
A quick and convenient option for those seeking a stylish hair transformation in a short amount of time. You can choose from various styles, including straightening or curls. Our expert stylists use high-quality products and tools to ensure a polished appearance that lasts. This service is an effortless way to enhance your confidence and look your best in no time. Does not include hair washing. 
30 minutes / $35

Special Occasion Style
Designed to make you look and feel extraordinary for important events. The experience begins with a personalized consultation to understand your vision. Includes professional styling and high-quality finishing products to ensure your style lasts throughout the event. This service is ideal for weddings, proms, galas, or any special occasion where you want to feel confident and look your best. Our expert stylists are committed to making you shine and leaving a lasting impression. May include braiding and pinning. Does not include hair washing. 
45 minutes / $45+
Crafted and tailored updo hairstyles for significant events. It begins with a consultation to understand your event and style preferences. Our skilled professionals use high-quality tools and products to create your desired upstyle, whether it's classic or modern. The service can include the incorporation of accessories and finishing products to ensure your upstyle stays in place throughout the event. Ideal for weddings, galas, proms, and special occasions, it boosts your confidence and ensures you look polished and elegant to make a lasting impression. May include braiding and pinning. Does not include hair washing. 
60 minutes / $55+

Bridal Hair 
Personalized approach to creating breathtaking hairstyles for your wedding day. It begins with a consultation to understand your wedding theme, dress, and personal preferences. Our skilled stylists use top-quality tools and products to craft your desired bridal hairstyle, whether it's classic, romantic, or sleek. The service can include the incorporation of accessories and veil placement to complete your bridal look. It ensures you look and feel your most beautiful and confident as you say "I do," adding a touch of enchantment to your special day. Includes two appointments (Trial and Day of Appointment).
60 minutes each / $140+

Women’s Cut
Combines a soothing hair wash with a scalp massage, a precision haircut, and the styling cut of your choice. The experience begins with a relaxing wash and scalp massage to create the perfect foundation for your haircut. Our skilled hairstylists provide a precise haircut that enhances your individual style and features. Finishing with a blowout, to give you a beautiful look. 

Men’s Cut
An experience that includes a refreshing hair wash and soothing scalp massage, followed by a precision haircut by our experienced hairstylists. The service is completed with an expert blowout to style your hair to perfection, whether you prefer a sleek finish, added volume, or a natural look. Leaves you looking and feeling your best.
Retouch Color 
Revive your hair's vibrancy and maintain your look with our professional Hair Color Retouch service. We offer precise color matching, root touch-ups, and expert applications using high-quality products. Our efficient and timely service ensures you leave with refreshed, beautiful hair that matches your desired shade, giving you confidence and a stunning appearance. Includes a Blowout. 
Our personalized consultation ensures your specific goals are met, whether it's neutralizing unwanted tones with toner or adding a lustrous shine with gloss. We use top-quality products and expert applications to create a flawless, consistent look. Regardless of your hair type or style, our services enhance your hair's natural beauty,

Single Process Color
Our skilled stylists offer personalized consultations, expert applications, and premium products to achieve your desired shade. Whether you want to enhance your natural color or make a bold change, our service ensures vibrant, consistent results, leaving you with stunning, confidence-boosting hair.  Includes a haircut and a blowout.

Highlights or Lowlights
Includes your choice of highlights or lowlights, all-over foils, a root tap, and toner. The service also features a customized haircut and a professional blowout. Our expert colorists and stylists ensure that you leave with a stunning, multi-dimensional hair color and style that's perfectly suited to your preferences and boosts your confidence.

Color Plus Highlights or Lowlights
Includes a customized color service (retouch or full color) along with your choice of highlights or lowlights, added foils for dimension, a stylish haircut, and a professional blowout. Our expert colorists and stylists ensure that you leave with a stunning, multi-dimensional hair color and style.

Elevate your look effortlessly with our Balayage service at the salon. Balayage is a free-hand highlighting technique that creates a natural, low-maintenance appearance with a toner included. The service also features a stylish haircut and a professional blowout. Our expert colorists ensure you leave with beautifully sun-kissed, artfully styled hair that's both chic and easy to maintain.
Color Service Upgrades:
Hair Cut

Bang Trim

Toner Add

Milbon Hair Treatment (Our Deep Conditioning Treatment)
Enhance hair health and appearance. This treatment offers repair and restoration, intense hydration, smoothing, and softening effects. Enhance shine, protect color-treated hair, strengthen the hair, and facilitate detangling. Choose from Scalp, Reawaken, or Moisturize treatments, and enjoy 4 luxurious at-home hair treatments. Treatment includes Blowout and Style!
60 Minutes / $95

Malibu MakeOver
The Malibu MakeOver is a two-step wellness treatment that transforms the tone, texture, vibrancy, and strength of hair. First, it naturally removes mineral deposits, chlorine, and other impurities that cause the hair to become dull, lifeless, and discolored. Second, is a powerful reconstructor formulated to strengthen strands from within, resulting in restored, weightless, shiny hair. Select from a range of treatments customized for Hard Water, Swimmers, Blondes, and Scalp Wellness.  Includes a blowout.

Permanent Waving
Whether you desire beachy waves, added volume, or spiral curls, our perms are gentle and low-odor, ensuring a comfortable experience. These contemporary perms add stunning movement and texture to flat hair, providing a revitalizing transformation. Plus, our service includes a haircut, leaving you with a complete, stylish look.
Brazilian Renewal Keratin Treatment
The Brazilian Renewal Keratin Treatment is a hair treatment that uses a specialized formula to infuse the hair with keratin, a natural protein, improving hair condition. It reduces frizz, enhances manageability, and can straighten or enhance natural curl patterns. The effects are long-lasting, making hair smoother, shinier, and easier to style. Includes a haircut. 

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