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How to Spa

To ensure you have a pleasant experience, here's a guide on how to spa properly with us:


Before Your Spa Visit:


Make a Reservation

Call ahead to secure your preferred date and time. Call 920-339-5250 to book.


Ask Questions

If you have specific preferences, allergies, concerns, or any special health needs, please let us know at the time of booking. This ensures the staff can accommodate your spa day.


Cancer and Prenatal Guests

For expecting mothers, please ask us if the service of choice is a fit for you. For both Cancer and Prenatal guests, please provide a doctor's consent note for the day of your appointment. 

On the Day of Your Spa Visit:


Arrive Early

Aim to arrive at least 30 minutes before your appointment. This allows time for check-in, filling out any health paperwork, changing into a robe, and relaxation in the spa sanctuary. Arriving late will take away from your spa service time. 


What to Keep in Mind During Your Spa Experience:


Communication is Key

Communicate your preferences and any concerns with your therapist. This ensures a customized experience that meets your needs.


Respect Quiet Areas

Maintain a quiet and peaceful atmosphere in all areas and rooms. Turn off your phone or set it to silent to avoid disturbing others.


Relax and Unwind

Embrace and recharge your mind and body in the tranquility of the spa environment. Take deep breaths, clear your mind, and focus on the present moment.

What to Bring:


Personal Items

You may bring any personal items you may need, such as a hair tie, makeup for touch-ups, or personal hygiene products. We do offer a complimentary touch-up - if available.


After Your Spa Visit:


Take Your Time

After your treatments, don't rush. Take some time to relax in the spa sanctuary, enjoy herbal tea, and savor the post-spa glow.


Tip Appropriately

We do not include gratuity in the service charge, consider tipping your therapist based on the quality of service (the industry average is 20%).

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