Express Facial
Receive outstanding skincare benefits with minimal time commitment! Great for all skin types including sensitive, this treatment will leave your skin smooth, refreshed, and radiant. Excellent introductory service for those new to facials! (*Excludes extractions and foot massage.)
30 minutes / $80


Customized Facial
A truly exquisite facial that delivers the most potent and active ingredients found in nature. A complete facial with a cleansing, exfoliation, delicate extraction, soothing massage, and customized treatment masques – individually selected for your unique skin type making it an ideal treatment for any age. Includes hand or foot massage.
45 minutes / $105

Clear Skin Treatment
Healing from the inside out. Clear up your breakouts. Get rid of congestion. Skin renewal. Anti-aging. Our advanced lightwave technology offers blue light for immediate bacteria-killing properties. Then followed by a specific dose of red light in order to promote healing and reduce redness & irritation.
45 minutes / $140
Deluxe Anti-Aging Facial
Awaken your skin’s inner beauty through the power of peptides! Improve the appearance of fine lines, increase collagen production, and decrease wrinkle depth with botanically-sourced plant extracts that brighten the complexion with clinical results. Includes specialty eye treatment. (*Suitable for all skin types including hyperpigmentation, aging, rosacea, sensitivity, and acne-prone.)
60 minutes / $140
Gentleman’s Facial
Enjoy the benefits of a clean, balanced, and revitalized complexion with this deep pore cleansing treatment that detoxifies the skin inside and out. A wonderful service for those who suffer from shaving irritations or occasional breakouts.
45 minutes / $100
Essential Facial
It’s all very scientific, but believe us, it works. This facial has the benefits of the custom facial and Microdermabrasion in one treatment.
60 minutes / $165
Topical Light Facial
This light significantly boosts collagen production to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, promote skin elasticity, treat acne and even accelerate wound healing.
75 minutes / $229 intro price*Lightwave Repair series available
Optic Facial Imaging
How is your skin doing? Get a picture analysis of your skin in 10 minutes. All your skin conditions will be defined in a comprehensive report from pores, texture, pigmentation, moisture, sensitivity, and UV damage.
A safe, effective way to naturally exfoliate the skin. This non-invasive treatment softens fine lines and wrinkles to improve texture and tone revealing healthy, luminous skin. (*Not recommended for rosacea or extremely sensitive skin types. Combination of sodium bicarbonate crystals & diamond-tip microdermabrasion.)
30 minutes / $110
Reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles while evening out skin tone. Removes dead skin cells. A subtle form of exfoliation for sensitive skin. Temporarily removes fine facial hair to make the surface feel smoother.
60 minutes / $115
CryoLab Treatment
New innovative and effective solution to remove skin tags, sun spots, and age spots. This treatment is safe and impressive for most skin types, pain-free with no risk for swelling or scarring.
Starting at $75 (spot size of a pencil eraser)
Back To School (TL Acne) 
Similar to the Clear Skin Facial. However, this facial does not include extractions. 

Express Topical 
Similar to the Topical Facial. This facial  is the only light-based facial infusion technology available that safely and effectively addresses a variety of cosmetic concerns and is far superior to other infusion technologies 
60 minutes / 

Microdermabrasion for the Back

Gentle on skin, but an effective way to get younger-looking skin. Approves the appearance of scarring.Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Give your skin a fresh, healthy, glow without the use of chemicals.
30 minutes / 
*Prices are subject to change without prior notice