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Spa Equipment

Alpha Pod
Dry heat sauna in a private suite. Extend the warmth and relaxation! Pair this with any of our spa treatments.
30 or 45 minutes / $30, $45

FAR Infrared Sauna
Heat therapy that induces perspiration is great for detoxing, relieving muscle aches and pains, and overall wellness. Private suite.
Sauna: 30 minutes / $20 (2 people at same time $30)
Sauna: 45 minutes / $35

Zyto Scan
Take the guesswork out of what your body needs. The galvanic technology sends impulses from your hand to the software to provide primal solutions. What are your personal nutritional needs?

Vibra Pro
Experience and advanced vibrational technology as your fitness routine. Our 12-minute vibrating exercise machine is safe for people of all ages. Easy on soft tissue, zero impact on joints. It gives the most effective workout possible.
15 minutes / $12 

Fitness Pod
Cutting-edge health/Fitness technology. Full body vibrational massage with far-infrared light therapy, and radiant dry heat. Experience Himalayan crystal aromatherapy with soft relaxation/meditation music. It is one of the world's best weight management and wellness exercise fitness pod. (Fitness Pod & Vibra Pro duo package available)
30 minutes / $55

Far Infrared Gemstone Mat
Manages pain with far infrared waves. Relax your mind and body with hot stone therapy. Ground yourself with chakra balancing and cleansing therapy. Achieve well-being with pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. Negative ion therapy has positive effects on your wellness. 
15 minutes / $20
30 minutes / $30

Zero Gravity Massage
Lies the technology to transform your entire state of being. An intuitive and lifelike massage. In addition to basic movements – tapping, kneading, rolling – the DeltaWave 4D engine uses advanced massage algorithms to mimic the hands of a massage therapist. It precisely manages a wide range of massage speeds from fast to ultra slow movements. Rapid acceleration and deceleration of motor speeds add variation to movements and patterns; deepening the human quality experience.

20 minutes / $40
30 minutes / $50

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